I am so excited as I've reached a point where I just KNOW something new is coming!!! I've been seriously contemplating what I love to do, and I've got a good list going!  I LOVE to: 
Scrapbook - saving of memories is one of my favorite activities! For myself and for others. Journaling - there is so much enjoyment to encouraging others to journal and write out there thoughts and stories! So much fun!!I love to create! I enjoy cerating instructional how to's! It is so much fun! I love sharing. Period. I enjoy creating fun things for others to use.I super love helping others by solving a problem.  So, I've put it out there that I'm ready for the change. I'm ready for whatever is coming to me, but I don't know what it is yet! 
I really enjoyed teaching a new, unique layout every week in my Yahoo group. That was really fun. I do miss that group and the tribe that shared so freely! That was so much fun! 
I loved creating little files for people to be able to c…

Learn More About Achieving Your BestLife! - BestLife Creation Society

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Do you ever have an AHA moment? You know, that split second where you see something from a different perspective and you just know a light bulb appeared above your head and lit up like the bat signal! I had one of those moments recently. I was listening to a presentation on 'Confront', not to be confused with confrontation. I'm ok with confrontation, no aha's there. If I'm cornered or I'm confronted, I stand my ground and deal with it. To confront is different.

Here is what the dictionary says:
con·front kənˈfrənt/ verb meet (someone) face to face with hostile or argumentative intent.
"300 policemen confronted an equal number of union supporters" synonyms:challenge, face (up to), come face to face with, meet, accost; More
face up to and deal with (a problem or difficult situation).
"we knew we couldn't ignore the race issue and decided we'd confront it head on" synonyms:tackle, address, face, come to grips with, grapple with, take on, atten…

Let your light shine

I've heard that phrase my whole life. I've sung it, recited it, and never fully grasped what I was saying. That is, until last night!

I had the most amazing experience with my 14 year old. We have a family member in a tough situation and my boy asked if we could pray for him. Of course I agreed! After dinner we stood face to face and held hands. He asked why we need to pray together, now he's asked this before and I always just replied that the Bible says where two or more gather in my name, there I am. He questioned why?

I seriously thought about it. He was asking a good question, one I'd asked many times, and I wanted to answer him the best I could.

Have you read The Shack? I love the part of the book where all of the people that have passed over are on the hill waiting for Jesus and the main character to come as they are going to celebrate. There is one person though that is so excited they can't stand it. They are described as having light all around them and w…

Anger issues or tired of feeling rejected?

I had the most amazing AFT session today! There is a young man in my inner circle that was struggling. I talked to mom and dad and they set up an appt for him. He got here, we sat down and chatted and I asked him (like I do everyone) "What do you want?" Like a good boy he said he wanted his family happy. Awww, I knew that was so true and I just wanted to hug him.

So we kept talking and I encouraged him that I really wanted to learn about him and what he wanted. We got to an answer and he easily went through the process. I watched this amazing little guy and saw the shift in him. I'm so very thankful for the path that brought me here. I've experienced this shift in so many people I care about and that has been a huge blessing to me. I've worked with kids, moms, grandma's uncles, dads, and business owners. You know what they all had in common? They were all people wanting more out of life.

Here is a challenge for you. List what you like. You just found out you …

Setting Goals

Setting goals can be pretty overwhelming. There is so much to work on sometimes, right? We, as a society, are just plain busy. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, email, texting, blogs, news and so much more! We are constantly being bombarded with information! It can be overwhelming.

My outlet has always been being creative. When I'm creating is when I'm most excited about life and most at peace. So, it's not surprising that a few years ago when life became more difficult than I could handle, the first thing to go was my creativity. Away went my camera, my scrapbooking supplies, my ink and stamps, all of it. Boxed up and ignored. Every time I thought I might want to do something, even a simple something, all of the life crushing pain of that difficult time came pouring back in. I would quickly drop the thought of creating anything and run from it!

My prayer for the last few years, my sincere prayer, was that God use me where He wants me. I started getting nudged to be creative. …

Vision Board Workshop

I am so excited to announce my first Vision Board Workshop! It's the perfect collaboration of everything I love and will be hosted by

What is a Vision Board? Great question! I remember doing them in school, do you? My class cut out grandiose pictures of mansions and fancy cars with high power people standing next to them. We announced to the world that we wished, therefore we could expect it. Right? Frankly, I always hated making those boards! Even as a 5th grader I thought they were ridiculous because I felt it was a huge lie. I knew that the likelihood of me growing up and having a mansion, fancy car, being tall and gorgeous AND having a great job were one in a trillion. Not that I thought less of myself, I thought it of everyone in my class. If it were that easy, everyone would do it. Therefore, it must be very difficult and that lessened the odds. I also knew that I was one of nine children from a blue collar family and, although it wasn't impossible to ha…