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Ok, so where is Spring?? It is sooo cold here today! St Patricks day we had beautiful weather with sunshine and no snow. One week later we have about 8" of snow and bitter cold weather. I'm tired of winter. It was a pleasant holiday, but cold and snowy so no outside egg hunts for us.

I'm having fun creating cutter files. It is such a creative avenue for me. They are just plain fun. I'm itching to get outside with the camera though.


I am looking forward to this weekend. There is a St. Patricks day parade and Celtic days going on tomorrow and I plan on going. I will be taking lots of photos and sharing them on my webshots. I've never been to Celtic days and I just can't wait for that!

I have no idea if anyone ever reads this, but it is kind of fun to blog what I'm thinking and what's going on. Skyler is with his mom this weekend and I'll have little Ryan so not kid free lol Well, workweek is over so I've got to run. I'll post monday about the fun weekend.

I am soooo glad to see the snow melting!!!

Piano Sketch

I lead three scrapbooking groups, have a family, a full time job, and three hobbies! Let's add to that four grown children, an 8 yr old at home, grandchildren, and now I'm trying to squeeze in some time at the gym! LOL

I developed this really fun sketch for some photos I have of my little grand daughter playing a toy piano!

However, it would work for any colorful photos!

Blogging - Sharing Files

I tried to look through the other blogs, but I can't find any kind of search function. I have no way of knowing if anyone is reading this or if I'm just chatting away at myself! I would like to find a blog that allows me to share my scrapbooking sketches, layouts, and GSD files. I have figured out how to do the first two, but not the last one. Here is a sketch I did last summer for a sketch challenge in my group.