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Layout Inspiration

I've been having fun in my ScrapbookingClasses group. Last week and this week I created themed layouts and drew up the parts of them. I created the cutter files and paper piecing patterns for those that didn't have cutters. I had positive feedback from the attendees and a great time creating the layouts. I've never really been one for paper piecing or for themed layouts like I've been doing, so I have no idea where the inspiration is coming from, but I'll keep it up while it lasts.

I have no idea if the group members are enjoying them or finding inspiration. We have all skill levels in the group. Some that have never scrapped clear though those that have done it for decades. It can be intimidating at times. I don't want to leave anyone out, but I don't want to bore people either.

Anyway, I've attached what the layout looked like when done :) here is a link to purchase the file to make this layout:…