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June 2008

Wow, can you believe it is June already?! This year is zooming past me in sonic speed! It seems the older I get, the faster life goes. I remember when I was in school wishing for summer. Then summer would come and I couldn't wait to be back in school with my friends. Now I find that the time goes by too fast. I need just a few more hours in a day, a few more days in a week, maybe another week in each month!

I love my husband and adore my kids. I am very content with my life right now. Although, I feel torn in too many directions. I need to look at everything I'm involved in and everything I want to be involved in, and narrow down that list to what I have time for. I try to juggle it all and inevitably, I drop something... or a few somethings.

I LOVE photography and would to do more of it, how do I get that out there? I love scrapbooking and would love to be out in my community teaching and showing people how to preserve their memories safely and beautifully. I'm not sure how…

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