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Veterans Day Cutter files

Sorry I've been so out of the loop. I'm just along for the ride called life! LOL As soon as I can, I'll be back to sharing here. However, I've not forgotten ya'll and here are a couple of Veterans day files.

And I do have this fabulous one listed with
United States Map (Sorry, I don't have time to upload a freebie today!)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every veteran. It doesn't matter if we believe in the war or if we back Obama... we should all support our vets and our soldiers.

Thank you

Halloween 2009

We had so much fun taking Skyler out this year. We planned on taking him to Zoo Boo at the Chahinkapa zoo in Wahpeton, but they got a LOT of snow last night so it was moved over to the middle school. All they did was have the kids walk down the hall getting candy. It was lame lol

Today though, they guys got all scary and we went to the mall (which was super-super packed!), then to Krolls for a bite and then out trick-or-treating the neighborhood! Skyler made a killing. Everyone just loved how creepy Skyler and Chris looked.

What great memories and I can't wait to scrap them!

Amazing Dog!

So my youngest son has this amazing dog, Bosco. It is a boxer cross and very smart. Today when Thomas got home, he saw that the dog had piddled a little in the house. He grabbed a paper towel and wiped it up. Then he saw some paper towel further over. He thought the dog had gotten into the paper towels and he had. It seems he (the dog) had also left a pile for 'Dad' and was so upset, he tried to clean it up himself! The paper towel pile was OVER the puppypoop pile!!! The dog has seen them clean up after him and he tried to do it himself!!! Just couldn't figure out the whole 'how do I pick it up now' thing!! LOLThat dog grabbed a paper towel and covered his mess!!!! Oh my gosh!! Made me laugh til I cried!!

Ornament Patterns Needed

Hi everyone! Wow, can you believe how quickly this year has zoomed by? Everyone that knows me knows how much I just love the holidays! I am in an ornament exchange and desperately need hand made ornament ideas and patterns. If you have any that you love, could you please share them with me?

If you have them on your blog, website or on a website or blog I can link to, I'll add the links to my blog right in this message for everyone to enjoy!


Dream Interpretation

I had such a vivid dream last night! So vivid that it stuck with me all day. I was in an old house with many rooms. I was standing near a table in one of the rooms when I saw something flutter down from the ceiling. It landed on the table behind my oldest daughter. I thought it was a moth and told her so. Then she turned and looked and it was a fluffy pastel yellow baby owl. My daughter said 'Get it mom!' I walked over, slid up the sleeve on my blue sweater (I don't own a blue sweater like that but I sure liked it! lol) I tapped my forearm and 'Come here baby' and it did. The fuzzy litle owl jumped up on my arm. I carried it into the kitchen where I cut up some food for it. Did I mention there was a momma own and a twin to this baby owl sitting back in the room waiting for me to bring food back to them as well. They were all soft yellow and white, but very definately owls.

I don't know much about dream interpreation, but I do find it fascinating. If you have any…

Busy Summer

I got the fireman album finished and off to the auction. I haven't heard how it went yet, but I'll see her tomorrow and I'll know then. I also got the photos and album to the OpLove family. That is such a great program. Photographers volunteer to take family photos for soldiers before they are deployed at no cost. The soldier deploys this week. My heart and prayers are with them.

We went to the firetruck parade in Casselton over the weekend. Last I heard they thought there were 181 firetrucks that participated! I think I got pictures of every one of them too! I'll be uploading to my webshots as soon as I can. After the parade we walked around the street fair and visited the vendors. There were some very unique ones there! Casselton is such a cute little town. I enjoyed visiting there.

This has been a very busy and eventful summer. I'll be glad to see fall. I just love fall colors and the crispness in the air! Although, this summer hasn't been very summer like. La…

Fireman album

Well, the fireman album is almost done and I have really enjoyed doing it. I'll upload photos this weekend. You know, it truly amazes me; this world is full of such variety. On the one hand, we have amazing, kind, brave and genuine souls willing to run into a burning building (at the risk of their own lives) to save another life. These people deserve our applause and praise :) This album is the least I can do to thank them. My sweet, amazing, gentle husband is the fireman type. He is first to offer help and he means it. He is loyal almost to a fault and he loves his family so deeply, so sincerely, it knocks the breath out of me sometimes.

On the opposite spectrum are the people that if their child ran in front of a bus, they would stand out of harms way screaming "someone save my child!" while pushing everyone else around them in front of the bus to save the child.

Once the child was out of harms way (for today) and returned, that same parent would then claim how they had…

July 10 - Firemen

I am working on an album that I'll be donating to an auction for a friends dad that was in a serious motorcycle accident. He is a fire fighter and I want to make a fire fighter album. Through the help of the scrapbooking group I own (with my dear friend Esther), I have decided on the following?

The colors are going to be red, yellow, black and white
I want to learn more about patches and badges
I really need to learn more about our home town heroes

What do you know? What can you share? Have you ever done a fire fighter layout? I am desperately seeking inspiration!!!

If you know of a fire fighter or other home town hero that would send me a patch for my friends dad, I would appreciate it! He's done his fair share over the years and I want to honor him with an album. Two albums in three weeks.... I know I can.... I know I can.... I know I can!!! :)

Check back in about a month for photos of the albums!!!

Thanks in advance for any help!

Time for a change

So after almost 8 years at the same go no where job, life has smiled on me with a new job! I interviewed with them late on Wed and had an offer within a couple of hours! It isn't what I was looking for, but it is so much of what I wanted! I start on Monday. It will take a lot of adjusting to, but that's okay. I'm up to it :)

I knew it was time for a change well over a year ago. At first it was like a big family and everyone supported each other there. The last two years though... suffice it to say the glue that held it all together and ran it so well... he retired and took the joy of working there with him. I felt like my life had become quicksand and the job had become just a paycheck. It was time to do something about it.

I tend to be one of those people that when I make up my mind, it's made up and I follow through! My husband has been so wonderful and absolutely supported my decision. Life has gone from quicksand to sunshine and blossoms!

Makes me nervous lol

Just want…

Happy Birthday ! is having a birthday! If you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet, I highly advise it. It's a great newsletter with store news, product reviews and the exciting news going on with the store and the designers.

To view this months newsletter, just click on the pic to the right. Many of the designers are offering a BOGO this month! I won't be able to participate due to personal commitments that will keep me to busy.

I LOVE the new product Sherri is carrying now to hold the Stickles! As any of my followers and class attendees can verify, I adore stickles!

Just wanted to let ya'll know about this fun newsletter and wish a Happy Birthday!

Instructions for Recipe Album

Ok, here are the directions on how I made this album for my 6x6" recipe layouts. I had so many wonderful recipes from the last couple of years of recipe swaps and now I have a great place to store them!

This album holds the layouts perfectly :) It is in PDF format. If you can't open the file, just go to and download the free pdf reader. To get the instructions click HERE

Another Recipe Album

I had such a great response over the first album, that I did a second class last week. This is the album I made for that class.

I used chipboard to cut out a triangle and covered it in pattern paper. Then I layered two more triangles onto that. It gave this album a wonderful 3-D embellishment!

I used the same large corner on the back cover, but I didn't include a flower there.

I wouldn't normally used these patterns on layouts, but on this album they turned out vibrant, cheerful and just plain fun!

Recipe Album

I made a recipe album in class a couple of weeks ago. It was a huge hit. I had several ask me for photos, so here they are :) The back cover matches the front one. I will be posting the instructions to make one of these on your own later today.

Pic 1 - The front cover for the album. The rings go in the holes on the left
Pic 2 - A close up of the flower I created for the album
Pic 3 - Inside the front cover. I made a little pocket to hide the ends of the ribbon

I participated in a lot of 6x6 recipe page swaps. These little albums will be perfect to hold those recipe pages.

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers day to all moms out there and to all of their children! Moms are special every day of the year, but this is the day for them to shine. Don't forget to let your mom know how important she is to you.

Have you scrapped a page about your mom? Whether she is here to answer the questions or not, be sure to capture as much about her as you can. Great things to include are the basics like;
where was she born and when
what are/were her favorite foods, colors, music, movies etc
what was her favorite book and why
what did she want to be when she grew up and why
what is her youngest/earliest memory

I'll try to get a layout sketch posted either tomorrow night or monday. I'll be visiting my own mom tomorrow and my daughter, but she doesn't know it yet lol I just adore those grandkids and miss them soooo much.

Take care everyone!

PS Be sure to get a photo with mom tomorrow for your layout! Here is a free file that cuts a gorgeous frame for that photo of you and mom! My mot…

Free Easter File (GSD, KNK, EPS, PDF)

I haven't posted in a while. Work, home, family... you know life, has kept me pretty busy.

On top of everything else, I've got a horrible head cold so we are just hanging out at home tonight. It might be the cold meds, but this file came to mind and I just had to sit down and make it!

All you have to do to get it, is to post on your blog that I'm giving away a free file and leave me a comment with a link to your blog :)

I love to blog hop and I'm curious about who reads my blog or is aware of it. I thought this would be a great way to maybe see new blogs and a to find out who reads mine :)

Kreativ Blogger Award (April 2009)

Thank You Olenka from Scrapin life for awarding me the Kreativ Blog Award!
The rules for this award are as follows:
1. Add the logo to your blog
2. Link to the person from whom you've received the awards
3. Nominate eight blogs of your choice
4. Leave a message on the nominees blogs

I have nominated the following as Kreativ bloggers: 1.The Scrappin' Gypsy 2. Lady & the Stamp 3. GadgetGrl stamps her art out 4. Kimba's Kreations 5. Kimba's Kreations 6. Mima's stomping grounds 7. Risalenee Creations 8. Esther's Creative Designs

Congratulations! You definitely are Kreativ Bloggers! Thanks for sharing with us!

Easter Layout Sketch

This really fun and easy to follow sketch would be great for any Easter layout. If you share it, please don't alter the sketch in any way.

If you use it, I would love to see what you've done! Just send me a link to where I can view it.

Cruise - FREE Classes

Ok, so far we have the following classes/projects/activities set up for the cruise:

Tear Bear make and take including all supplies and tools needed to make your tear bear! by Esther K of EsthersCreativeDesignsCruise Layout with title and cruise ship paper piecing by Tammey BStampin Up Card workshop with Linda SIris FoldingCruise group photo layoutHow to make a paper peicing from scratchDecorate your door challenge with prizeBingoOpen Crop and use of shared toolsIsland Excursions with plenty of photo ops!And so much more!!!!
Be sure to get your registration form in ASAP! We do have a few spots left, but this is on a first come first serve basis and ONLY those that register using this registration form will be able to attend any of the group events. Anyone can join the cruise, but only those with an SBC Cruise badge will get into the events :)

The registration form says March, but we got an extension and a few extra rooms that we were able to book at this fabulous price. Hurry though as th…

CRUISE 2010 - Spots open

Wow, things have really moved along quickly!!! We have half a dozen FREE classes lined up for the cruise so far and we are working on more! Right now there is a Stampin' Up card making class by Linda S, tear bear making class (with kit and tools) by Esther K, Cruise layout class (with cruise ship paper piecing [my cruise ship cutter file cut] & title supplied) by Tammey B, challenges, games, prizes, free t-shirt and so much more!!!

This price includes your cabin, food, entertainment, 24 hour a day crop space, inspiration, photo ops, a group photo, and so much more! I am SO excited! So grab your family and join us on this 7 day, fun filled, sun filled, exciting cruise!! The best thing is, it's a whole year away so you have plenty of time to plan!

We will be coordinating with the cruise attendees on what tools they are bringing in order to minimize luggage. For example, if I bring my CraftRobo, then I will share it and someone else thinking about bringing theirs can bring a di…

Easter Layout

Here is the rough sketch for the class I have in mind. I need to find an Easter Bunny paper piecing pattern though.

Flood Fight Layout Sketch & Cutter File

Well, so far Fargo seems to be winning the flood fight! More like the first battle was won, but the war is still on.

Many have had to build walls around their home, help a neighbor or family member or jumped in and helped as a volunteer. For all of those, here is a layout to help you scrap your experience.

Journaling IS the most important part of a layout like this.

I made two separate cutter files to go with this sketch. One is of a single house with sandbags and the second is the one shown here in the sketch. To view these files, please visit

Fargo Flooding Pics 2009

These photos are NOT lakes or beaches. This is ALL farmland south of Fargo under a whole lot of flood water.

I have been forced to take a break from scrapbook blogging. I live in Fargo, ND and we are experiencing some very serious flooding. The Red River flows through Fargo and north to Canada. Normally this river is about 14' deep. Right now Red is 40 feet deep and climbing! So if you've missed us on the national news, Good Morning America, the Today Show and more - just google Fargo Flooding 2009 to see the devastation.

For more flood photos be sure to visit my photo a day blog at:


Mt Rushmore Layout

I just love this layout. It is a digital layout using fotofusion software. I used just the trial version and really enjoyed it. It allowed me to layer, add embellishments and even some editing of photos.

I think I'm going to start working with hybrid scrapbooking. That is where digital and paper/physical items are used.

The only reason I can't do it now is that I don't have a 12x12 printer. I just love being able to use a photo as the background! It allows me to personalize the layout, but also really match the content! Just click on the pics to see them as full versions.

Fargo Flooding 2009

Would you like to know what's going on around us? Here in Fargo we deal with a lot of spring run off every year, however, we don't usually have this much water! We did in '97, but this isn't as bad of weather, just as bad of water and run off. In this photo you see a backhoe building up the dike. This is a dirt mound follow a road between downtown Fargo and the quickly rising river. You can just see the river to the right of this photo. The water WILL reach up and lap at the top of this dirt wall.

Fargo Flood Cam is HERE - Now realize what you are viewing is downtown Fargo and that normally you don't even notice the water there! It's a tiny little river wayyyy down 30' + lower than it is now!!

3-25-09 - Good Morning America (March 25, 2009) Go to videos and click on Fargo Flooding. Story is

I've compiled a few links for those emailing me and asking me about the situation:
WDAY Radio - h…

Newsletter - Good idea or bad?

I'm seriously considering putting together a monthly newsletter from my blog. I would do a blog hilight, a project, showcase one of my files, have a challenge, and I'm not sure what else. What do you think? Any comments? Any readers out there? lol

Let me know

Comments are the ONLY way I know I have readers and any interest at all. Anybody out there?

Bunny Hutch

Many of you have seen my gingerbread house file. It is one of my favorites, well Kristal (being the very creative person that she is!) didn't just see a gingerbread house! She had some amazing ideas for this file! Visit her blog (TheScrappinGypsy) to read them all.

Her wonderful and creative ideas made me see this file in a whole new way! I just love what she did here and how cute are those bunnies?!!
Here you see her very adorable bunny hutch using my gingerbread house cutter file!

This is a photo of the cutter file as a Gingerbread house. Thank you so much Kristal, for such a fun little bunny hutch!!! I might just have to make a layout using your idea!!!

Stickles 10% Off Coupon on Stickles and Leprechaun Bear

I LOVE Stickles! I do not like glitter glue. Glitter glue dries in clumps, it dries clear and barely even sparkles. Stickles is amazing!!! It dries all sparkly and goes on like a dream!!! I love it so much I went to store owner, Sherri, and asked if I could do an exclusive promotion!

This sketch is the inspiration for next weeks Tuesday night class. That isn't true, the Stickles inspired it! They made me think of rainbows and Spring filled days!

I am so excited to offer you an exclusive coupon for10% offALL of your Stickle purchases from my favorite online store!!! Now it will be easier to get each of the colors of the rainbow for next weeks class!!! I have purchased from many times and been super impressed with the speedy delivery and wonderful customer service!

I will also be using the following Stickles colors:
Stickles Christmas Red Orange Peel Yellow Baby Blue Green Purple
Optional for the coins in the pot O' gold

Use coupon code 'T…

Free Thank You file from Sky

Be sure to visit Designs by Sky and vote for her elderly uncle, you'll get a really cute cutter file for your time!! All you have to do is visit the link in her blog and vote! Simple enough to get the 'Thank You' file she has designed!!

How cute is that?? Great job Sky!

Over The Rainbow Sketch (March 17th Class)

This really fun, whimsical and very colorful sketch will be the inspiration for my class next week! I did create a cutter file for the Pot O' Gold and coins and will have it uploaded this weekend.

I put in a request to Esther, from EsthersCreativeDesigns, for a Leprechaun tear bear and I will be adding that left of the pot. She is soo creative!!! (The tear bear is represented by the green guy on the right side of the sketch)

I will also be using the following products:
Stickles Christmas Red Orange Peel Yellow Baby Blue Green Purple
Optional for the coins in the pot O' gold

Mardi Gras Sketch

Here is the sketch for tonights class. You can use any embellie you want in place of the mask on the left page and the title on the right.

I've included a supply list at the bottom of the sketch.

I will be using the mask paper piecing and Mardi Gras title as shown here.

Building a cutter team

Well, I've reached that point where I can't do it all and I need to develop a cutter team. I frequently put off designing files because I know I won't have time to cut them. Then, I lose the file idea! I'm looking for a team of five.

1 - You must have the desire, experience and time to be able to cut at least three - six files a month (you'll pick them). Please realize I do NOT work with simple diecuts. Make sure you are familiar with my style before requesting to join my team.

2 - You will have access to my newest files free of charge.

3 - You cut the file and assemble it in one week. Then embellish or use it as desired. Take a photo of the completed project/file and email the photo to me.

4 - In accepting to be a part of my design team, you give me permission to use the photos of the finished files on my blog, in my store and on my web site. You may then keep the cutter file for your personal use as desired.

5 - I will expect feedback on each file. I will…

Layouts For Sale

As many of you know, I have a scrapbooking group. I create a layout, from scratch and my own ideas, every Tuesday. After a couple of years of this, I've grown quite a pile of layouts!

Many people have asked me if I sale my layouts and I've always said no, I plan to use them. Well, it's reached that point where I have to admit I'm not using them! I keep putting it off and I just need to step up and either use them or let someone else.
I love all of these layouts and have really enjoyed sharing them with my friends. My good friend, Esther, has encouraged me to sale them. She was at my house and saw my layout storage. LOL oh, if I'd have had a camera at that moment! She has convinced me they aren't doing anyone any good if they aren't being used.

So, today is the day. I AM going to put them in my newly created Etsy store. Thank you dear Olenka and Esther for bringing this cute little site to my attention. Now though, I haven't a clue what to put as a $ on the…

TSI Sketch Challenge (Ends Feb 28 so hurry!)

Don't forget my TSI Sketch Challenge!!

This sketch to a layout will run from February 1-28th. You must create a layout based on my castle sketch (see sketch below) , take a photo of it and upload to the gallery of the forumHERE. All layouts must be uploaded by Feb 28th to qualify for this challenge.Everyone that uploads will be given points for the following:
5 pts for including a title
5 pts for having photos on the layout
5 pts for using one of my files
5 pts for journaling
2.5 pts for participating
2.5 pts for using any type of bling
2.5 pts for using hand written journaling
2.5 pts for using water color pencils or ink

Everyone that participates will get a fun, layered Valentines file from me.
Everyone earning at least 25 points will get the file I'm currently working on!
Everyone that purchases this castle file AND uses it on their layout will get the new file I'm working on for FREE! It goes great with this gorgeous castle! So far there is a princess and …

Crossword Layout

Ok, I know these aren't the greatest of photos, but I promised I would get them uploaded quickly after class tonight; and here they are!

I am sharing the document I made to create the letters on the pink background and the journal box on the bottom corner of the right side page. Just click HERE to get the pdf with the pink background behind the letters. Click HERE to get the pdf with the plain background.

The supplies and dimensions to create this layout are included on the sketch. I did not follow the sketch exactly, I rarely do. I added the pattern paper border to each side and the photo mattes to show where the photos will go. The flower on the right side border is Flora Doodles by Petaloo. I got them, and all of the paper here, at Hobby Lobby tonight.

Here is the sketch:

Huge, Adorable, Awesome Tear Bear!!

Oh my gosh!!! Have you seen Esthers newest critter??

How cute is this??
Chalked, fluffed and embellished
14 Inch
Sitting Tear Bear!

These are the perfect size for a wall hanging in a child's room! She has pink, blue, mint green, and yellow, as well as many other colors!

Click on pic to go to Esther's site!

Diploma in hand and a grad hat on
Wearing a bow tie
Birthday bear with gift and party hat
Holding a gaily colored basket of Easter eggs

Wow, there are so many ideas!! I buy critters from her all the time and I'm always impressed with the quality, speed with which she gets the packages out and how well she packages everything! Be sure to check this one out! Sooooo cute!!!! I'm getting one :)

Win A Completed Tear Bear and Title!

This challenge closes this week so make sure you post what you love to scrap! All you have to do is post a comment on my blog CLICK HERE

Esther, from EsthersCreativeDesigns cut my I LOVE SCRAPBOOKING file shown here and then added one of her very adorable peek-A-boo bears! This prize is the actual item cut out and embellished as shown here on a red background. It is not for the file, but for the completed heart frame with bear.

Just click on the picture of the completed items on a red background to the left to take you to the post. So far there are only 13 comments. I will announce the winner this Friday and mail the completed I Love Scrapbooking with peek-A-boo bear to the winner so make sure you leave me your email address so I can contact you.

What do you love to scrapbook?

(Left: Thank you Esther for cutting the file and creating these adorable pieces! To see more of Esthers amazing little critters visit her at )

President Barack Obama File

I finally have the TWO President Barack Obama files uploaded to the store in ONE bundle! I also included the sketch to commemorate his inauguration with the file.

Be sure to check it out!

My files are all tested and guaranteed. If you ever have any trouble you just let me know and I'll fix it right away. I strive to make easy to cut and assemble files because I do NOT like to chase down little pieces!

Real Men

Wow, did you read this story? They should be so proud! THIS is how real men act :)
Amazing show of humanity and sportsmanship. Way to go guys!

Congrats Olenka!!

On being the winner at Esthers Creative Designs blog!! Your layout was sooo cute! Esthers little critters are the cutest I've ever seen. I use them all the time in my layouts. I just love them. If you haven't checked them out, be sure to stop on over and give her a visit. She has a sale on these amazing little Easter bunnies going on right now!
Esther recently had a challenge on her blog and Ms Olenka won!

SALE!!! 50% OFF on Opalite Interference Inks!

BLOW OUT SALE! We are having a 50% off sale on all remaining Opalite Interference Inks...It will run all Valentine's weekend and the coupon code isvalentineink.
TSI is also offeringALL stickles, including the new signature series for 25% off all day Valentines Day....ENJOY! The coupon code for the sticles issticky.