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Ornament Patterns Needed

Hi everyone! Wow, can you believe how quickly this year has zoomed by? Everyone that knows me knows how much I just love the holidays! I am in an ornament exchange and desperately need hand made ornament ideas and patterns. If you have any that you love, could you please share them with me?

If you have them on your blog, website or on a website or blog I can link to, I'll add the links to my blog right in this message for everyone to enjoy!


Dream Interpretation

I had such a vivid dream last night! So vivid that it stuck with me all day. I was in an old house with many rooms. I was standing near a table in one of the rooms when I saw something flutter down from the ceiling. It landed on the table behind my oldest daughter. I thought it was a moth and told her so. Then she turned and looked and it was a fluffy pastel yellow baby owl. My daughter said 'Get it mom!' I walked over, slid up the sleeve on my blue sweater (I don't own a blue sweater like that but I sure liked it! lol) I tapped my forearm and 'Come here baby' and it did. The fuzzy litle owl jumped up on my arm. I carried it into the kitchen where I cut up some food for it. Did I mention there was a momma own and a twin to this baby owl sitting back in the room waiting for me to bring food back to them as well. They were all soft yellow and white, but very definately owls.

I don't know much about dream interpreation, but I do find it fascinating. If you have any…

Busy Summer

I got the fireman album finished and off to the auction. I haven't heard how it went yet, but I'll see her tomorrow and I'll know then. I also got the photos and album to the OpLove family. That is such a great program. Photographers volunteer to take family photos for soldiers before they are deployed at no cost. The soldier deploys this week. My heart and prayers are with them.

We went to the firetruck parade in Casselton over the weekend. Last I heard they thought there were 181 firetrucks that participated! I think I got pictures of every one of them too! I'll be uploading to my webshots as soon as I can. After the parade we walked around the street fair and visited the vendors. There were some very unique ones there! Casselton is such a cute little town. I enjoyed visiting there.

This has been a very busy and eventful summer. I'll be glad to see fall. I just love fall colors and the crispness in the air! Although, this summer hasn't been very summer like. La…

Fireman album

Well, the fireman album is almost done and I have really enjoyed doing it. I'll upload photos this weekend. You know, it truly amazes me; this world is full of such variety. On the one hand, we have amazing, kind, brave and genuine souls willing to run into a burning building (at the risk of their own lives) to save another life. These people deserve our applause and praise :) This album is the least I can do to thank them. My sweet, amazing, gentle husband is the fireman type. He is first to offer help and he means it. He is loyal almost to a fault and he loves his family so deeply, so sincerely, it knocks the breath out of me sometimes.

On the opposite spectrum are the people that if their child ran in front of a bus, they would stand out of harms way screaming "someone save my child!" while pushing everyone else around them in front of the bus to save the child.

Once the child was out of harms way (for today) and returned, that same parent would then claim how they had…