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Gift Idea

Looking for a fantastic, heart warming gift? Have a family member that has everything and you don't know what to do? Have family members out of state or out of the country? I know just the gift! You heard the saying " A picture's worth a thousand words", well a digital album is super easy to create and will leave them speechless. The new Creative Memories Storybook software is easy to use, affordable, and comes with preloaded page layouts and elements to help even the those that have never done a page in their life, able to create beautiful albums.

Anyone that purchases from me, can contact me any time for assistance on page layout or album ideas.

Grandparents would love a brag book. An easy way to put one together is to create one two page layout for each month of the year. Simply high light one activity for that month and include photos and journaling. Once you have the album put together in the software you simply upload it and Creative Memories prints AND binds t…

60 Day Challenge

Good Morning friends! I belong to a great scrapbooking group called ScrapbookingPizzaz and Esther and I were discussing challenges. She was inspired to start a journaling challenge.

This is the challenge:
Write in your journal area that you have chosen, weather it be online, in a book, in WordPad on your pc (or in your blog).  Remember it's your choice where you journal...

11/01/2010 - Todays Challenge:
Your thoughts and opinions on this topic:  Everything happens for a reason, right?
I absolutely believe everything happens for a reason. I can look around me and see where choices were placed in my life and I acted on them. Some positively and others I regret. Sometimes I regret acting and sometimes I regret not acting on them and not following my gut. 

For example, almost seven years ago I was single and going through a hard time. My then teen aged daughters literally bullied me into joining, totally against my will. I 'met' a few guys on there and they seemed ni…

Photo Ready Album!

Beautiful handmade girls scrapbook album!
This is a 20 page pre-made, hand designed scrapbook complete with photo ready, unique layouts just waiting for your gorgeous memories. 
This album is made to treasure all of your little girls photos. There are a ton of photo mats! All that you need to do is personalize this album with your photos to treasure for a lifetime! 
Filled with stickers, embellishments, ribbons, tags, flowers and more. Very 3 dimensional.
Album is filled with 20 - 12x12 inch pages all in page protectors. Pages can be removed and reorganized in the order that pleases you. 
All items are photo safe and come from a smoke and pet free environment. This album would make a wonderful gift for:

any little girl a princess a teen girl a new mom an amazing birthday gift - no one else will be able to give her this album! LOL  a wonderful niece a girl struggling with self esteem issues - what better way to boost it than to help her PROVE her happy times and wonderful life!
Imagine the cost…

Family Lost Everything to Fire :(

Hey scrapbooking friends and family, there was a horrible fire here tonight and a family needs your help. Matt and Dana, 3 kids, 5, 4, and 1; lost everything in the fire today. Children left without shoes, no diapers or bottles. Only have clothes they had on. Send gift cards to PHCC 3220... 18th ST S, Fargo, ND 58104 and we will get to Matt and Dana ASAP. I look around me and my family, photos, albums and warm home out of the elements and tonights news just devastates me. I feel so helpless sitting here watching this 62 apt complex burn. What wasn't ruined by fire, will be by the water. It's so sad. Every little bit helps. Please send donations and gift cards to Prairie Heights Community Church (see address above) as this family is a member of my church family.

FALL - Take the time to get in the memories

I love FALL!!!

It is my favorite season. The colors are stunning, the weather is usually that perfect mix of warm days and cooler nights and I get to wear sweaters. I love sweaters! Big, fuzzy, warm sweaters! And coffee. Oh yea!!

Fall is also my favorite time to get out and take pictures! There are so many reasons to get pics of your kids, family, extended family, yard, community, favorite spot, furkids, grandparents.... oh I could go on!

Grab your camera and go! Capture your day!

Things to do in the Fall:

Sunrise and sunset are always amazing, but in the Fall they are extra amazing! Late afternoon will give you longer shadows which will really add character and depth to your photos. Is it cloudy or overcast? That's ok, head out anyway! Get close to your subjects. That's the great thing about digital, you aren't out any film!  Just delete the pics you don't like, but have a great time taking them! Make a mirror reflection photo! Find a calm, clear lake with trees around…

Sorting and Storing Photos - Step 3

Step 3 - Welcome back. You will need a table to spread out on, a multi-year calendar, a notebook, a pencil, your photos, the Power Sort System, and time.

Look at your photos. How many years do you have to go through? Can it be broken down into decades? Months? Years? Centuries? Pick the biggest chunks. For example, if you have just 10 years worth of photos, you should sort them by year. If you have generations worth of photos, you may wish to start with decades.
Start by sorting your photos into decades or years. The smaller boxes that come with your Power Sort System allow you to simply place your photos right in the box. I had decades of photos to sort so I  sorted by my parents photos, my childhood, and then 70's, 80's, and 90's. That is five piles/boxes.Sort all of the photos until your mountain of photos is all sorted into the boxes. Take ONE smaller box at a time. Empty out the photos and begin to sort those. I sorted by year. With my parents' photos, …

Sorting And Storing Photos - Step 2

Step 2 - Now that you have the photo system ordered and on the way, gather ALL of your photos. Search drawers, cabinets, under the bed, in the closet and anywhere else you might have them hiding. If you have rolls of film to be developed (it could happen), then get those done and add them to your pile.  Ok, go do that now.

This is a great time to get with mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, Aunt Jo or anyone else that might have photos you want copies of. A lot of the newer scanners have great photo scanning software built into them. I know the one I have even has a photo fix option that works beautifully.

Your assignment for today is to simply gather up all of the photos you have lying around or that are hanging out in an attic somewhere that you feel responsible for, or want to add to your collection.

Is this helpful? Is anyone following along? Leave me a message and let me know what you think :)

How to sort and store your photos

When I first began to scrapbook, I found the biggest barrier was myself. I would look at the mountains of photos and just freeze. I would never get through all of that. I don't have the time. I just did not know where to begin. After a decade of working with photos, scrapbooking and helping others; I think I've found a good way to get over that barrier. The first step is to tackle that mountain - one step at a time!

This process will not be accomplished in one day. Set aside a place where you can spread out and work for several (or maybe even many) days.

Step 1 - In order to organize the photos, I highly recommend the Power Sort System by Creative Memories. I've used it for years and it really saved me! The one I have holds 2400 photos, the newer ones are half that size but just as amazing. So the first step to successfully tackling sorting your photos is to purchase a Power Sort System. This incredible system allows you to sort AND store your photos in an organiz…

Creative Memories To Offer Exclusive Cricut® Cartridges from Provocraft

Creative Memories and Provo Craft today announced a partnership to offer exclusive artwork on two new Cricut® Cartridges - Cheerful Seasons and Reminisce Accents. The partnership is a first in the scrapbooking industry. Reminisce Accents sample FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
PRLog (Press Release)Aug 02, 2010 – ST. CLOUD, MINN. – Aug.1, 2010 – Creative Memories and Provo Craft today announced a partnership to offer exclusive artwork on two new Cricut® Cartridges - Cheerful Seasons and Reminisce Accents. The partnership is a first in the scrapbooking industry.

Creative Memories pioneered modern scrapbooking nearly 25 years ago and Provo Craft revolutionized the paper crafting industry with the 2006 launch of the Cricut® Personal Electronic Cutter, a portable machine that uses cartridges to cut paper, vinyl, chipboard, and fabric into thousands of shapes and fonts.

“We’ve worked together to create two exclusive new cartridges that marry the Creative Memories style with Cricut convenie…

Alice in Wonderland Layout by TammeyBrown

SEE Quick Video on Youtube

two pieces 12 x 12 cardstock for the background
one 12 x 12 pattern paper (I used large circle paper)
one sheet 12 x 12 yellow cardstock
two sheets coordinating pattern paper (I used small circles)
one Alice in Wonderland sticker pack
Yellow ink pad

Using your tear ruler, tear one strip of the large circle paper 4" wide and the length of the paper (4x12)
using your straight trimmer and the remainder of the large circle paper, cut a straight edge 4" behind the torn edge to create a second border piece
Do the same with the yellow, except you want it to be 2.75" - you'll need two of these also
Last, tear a border 1.5" and using your straight trimmer create a second one.

Adhere the large piece down first close to the left edge of your border, but with some of the background paper showing through. Now adhere the middle piece to the middle of that piece. Do the same with the smallest piece. You should have a three tiered border li…

SBC logo on tote and Tee

Here is a very quick photo of the tote and t-shirt with the scrapbookingclasses group logo and motto!!! They look fabulous!! What do you all think?? (Sorry, it's late and I was hurried and didn't layout the t-shirt)

Cruise Donations Encouraged

Hello everyone! After three years of sharing freely, I'm finally going to ask for something. My ScrapbookingClasses yahoo group of about 1000 members will have their very first group outing next month. It is a cruise at the end of April and I'm accepting donations.

All donations will be listed with links back to the vendors/stores. Everything is welcome.

Please  note that this vendor list will go to my group, which is normally has a zero tolerance for solicitation so no advertising has ever been allowed to this group. This will be a very unique and noticed list. The list will also appear on this blog, the group co-owners blog, my website/facebook/myspace and twitter! Now that's some advertising! Plus, I'll share it with my other groups.

I am not limiting the donations to scrapbooking items as these gals are also women AND shoppers! This is your chance to share your unique items with us. If you would like to donate/advertise with this group please contact me.

Thank you!!


What to do with busy pattern paper

Tonights layout focused on using color and patterns. I've noticed several people posting to the group that patterns and mixing colors intimidates them. Here is the final product, without a title yet. I took the approach of
1. Find a pattern - for this layout I used a busy teal pattern cardstock
2. Find a complimentary solid color - I used a rich, textured brown
3. Contrast or compliment step # 2 - I used a soft, feminine pink (pink looks great with brown and teal!)
4. Add a pattern paper that pulls your colors together - I used a brown pattern paper with blue/teal, pink and beige flowers.
5. Embellish using colors on your layout

2 - 12 x 12 teal pattern cardstock
Border - tear strips from paper and then layer as shown:
1 torn 4" strip from brown
1 torn 3" strip from pink
1 torn 2" strip from brown/blue/pink pattern paper

Photo matte
1 - 5x7 pink pattern paper
1 - 6.75 x 4.75 teal or blue solid
1 - 6.5 x 4.5 solid (I used black but you can use any dark color t…

Quick Kit Sketch

I developed this quick and easy sketch when I was participating in dozens of swaps a month. It makes it super easy to get enough pieces out of the paper to put together a full layout. You will need one piece of cardstock and one piece of pattern paper. For a more professional look, add a second color and add .25 to the cardstock dimensions. Holler if you have any questions.

Blizzard January 2010

Blizzard conditions made getting around Fargo pretty difficult today. That wind is so cold, it just plain knocked the wind right out of me!

HELP! Please :)

I'm stuck. As most of you know, I demonstrate a paper craft or scrapbooking project every Tuesday evening via my webcam. The new year has begun and I really need some inspiration! I'm thinking maybe some Valentines Day crafts are in order.

Do you know of a good craft I can demonstrate? If you do, please share with me! :) Anything is welcome.
Little kids valentines (like for a classroom)Cards you've madeStamping ideasLayoutsCandy based projectsI'm open to all suggestions!

Thanks so much,