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Quick Kit Sketch

I developed this quick and easy sketch when I was participating in dozens of swaps a month. It makes it super easy to get enough pieces out of the paper to put together a full layout. You will need one piece of cardstock and one piece of pattern paper. For a more professional look, add a second color and add .25 to the cardstock dimensions. Holler if you have any questions.

Blizzard January 2010

Blizzard conditions made getting around Fargo pretty difficult today. That wind is so cold, it just plain knocked the wind right out of me!

HELP! Please :)

I'm stuck. As most of you know, I demonstrate a paper craft or scrapbooking project every Tuesday evening via my webcam. The new year has begun and I really need some inspiration! I'm thinking maybe some Valentines Day crafts are in order.

Do you know of a good craft I can demonstrate? If you do, please share with me! :) Anything is welcome.
Little kids valentines (like for a classroom)Cards you've madeStamping ideasLayoutsCandy based projectsI'm open to all suggestions!

Thanks so much,