Friday, September 10, 2010

Scrapbooking - Easy Solutions!

Ladies, I'm going to be honest. The new CM products are amazing! I can show some of them on cam tonight if you want to see. There is the new ink - silky and smooth and it actually shows up! Fabulous for edges, and you know me and inking! LOL

Second is the new Grip and Clip Price (US) $8.50 I love it. You can hold four photos by the inside corner and it has a magnet on the back. You can use it to hold your photos over your many colors of pattern paper to determine which one you like best, without using your fingers and rearranging them 10 times! You just pick them up by the clip and voila! No fingerprints, no rearranging. They are evenly spaced and ready to go! You can also use it to hold photos are recipe cards ON the fridge with the handy magnet. The uses are endless.

My favorite new product is the Page Planner Price (US) $28.00
Wow, I am super excited about this one! In all the years of teaching layouts, the most common complaint is that people don't feel creative. They struggle with the layout. Now you have tangible sketches WITH measurements AND ideas/examples! All in one purchase. This purchase comes with four sturdy templates and an idea book. The great thing is, you can use one template on both pages and on the next set, turn them! Using the same template on the third set of layouts turn it again and get a whole new layout! The idea book even comes with directions and the templates have marks on them to show you which way to use them to create the layout given!! I did buy this so if anyone wants to see it, just let me know.

Last, but not least, is the digital scrapbooking. Wow, I know how I'm going to catch up on 30 years of photos! The new software is super easy to use, lets me layer and edit photos, and comes with digital embellishments! I've been so impressed. I drag and drop my photos onto the page either where I want them or using the pre-designed pages available. There are quotes and poems in there too. When I have the layouts like I want them, I simply upload the book to CM and it is printed, bound and sent back to me! How awesome is that? So many **solutions** that I can hardly contain my excitement!

The links probably won't work, it's an annoying quirk of the CM site. Once you get there, if the links aren't working, just search under new products for the Page Planner and under tools for the clip.

Be sure to check them out and come ScrapWithMe!!  :)



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