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This time of year tends to make me feel very nostalgic. I think on those I've loved that are no longer here, those I've known that I no longer visit, and those that have changed me in some way or another. Most especially this time of year, I want to journal my memories and get others to do the same. It never happens. This is the busiest time of year! I have presents to buy, parties to plan and attend, school concerts, church and so much more. I think about it. I want to, I sincerely do. Yet, I don't follow through.  We are the only link the future has to our past. Oh sure, the history books will record that President Bush was in office, that President Obama did this or that and any great natural disasters that occurred. What about the events in your life? Who will record them?  With the technology available today, and at such reasonable prices, it is astonishing that so little is recorded. It is not a rule that you must spell correctly, have perfect grammar or even write …

Busy Year

What do you do when you aren't feeling creative but you need to get a project done? What are your tricks?

To kickstart my creative juices I love to write out ideas, then I think about them. I let them roll around in my head for a while. When I'm not stuck, they just come pouring out!!! So I ten to send huge emails to my BFF full of ideas! Then I save that for later when I need ideas.

Lately I've been reading a lot about dream journals. Do you journal your dreams? Do you journal your ideas, desires and wishes?

I love journaling. Writing is definitely my favorite creative  outlet. I also love to be out with my camera taking pictures of everything. I love angles and old building and trees and bugs and animals and babies and sunsets and water.... you get the picture.

When I'm feeling stuck I sit and write out what I love to do. Then I look through my list and write HOW I love to do it. So in my list would be photography. I would then list under that how I love to use it. I…