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Busy Year

What do you do when you aren't feeling creative but you need to get a project done? What are your tricks?

To kickstart my creative juices I love to write out ideas, then I think about them. I let them roll around in my head for a while. When I'm not stuck, they just come pouring out!!! So I ten to send huge emails to my BFF full of ideas! Then I save that for later when I need ideas.

Lately I've been reading a lot about dream journals. Do you journal your dreams? Do you journal your ideas, desires and wishes?

I love journaling. Writing is definitely my favorite creative  outlet. I also love to be out with my camera taking pictures of everything. I love angles and old building and trees and bugs and animals and babies and sunsets and water.... you get the picture.

When I'm feeling stuck I sit and write out what I love to do. Then I look through my list and write HOW I love to do it. So in my list would be photography. I would then list under that how I love to use it. I love, love, love to give families family photos. Especially families that can't afford them. So, under photography I list Family Shoots.

Once I have a good list I go back through and hilight the ones that I feel a spark of excitement over. I pick three and I list HOW I'm going to do them. For photography I could go to families at church and tell them how much I love taking family photos and ask if we can meet at the park. I could make a post on Facebook in the trader/garage sale groups. I could go to the Y and tell them what I want to do. Then I ACT.

That's the important thing. You must pick one thing and act on it.

If you need a little Inspiration, here you go :)
Now ACT!

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