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Job Hunting - Career Seeking - What Next

Do you ever get the feeling it's just time for a change, that doing what you've been doing just isn't working anymore? I'm there. I am not talking about moving or change in relationships or anything, I really enjoy:
Working with peopleWritingProblem solvingFeeling like I've accomplishing something My strengths are definitely Writing/Communication (I'm one of those crazy people that LOVED speech class!)Teaching/LeadingLearning/growingBrainstorming/Thinking outside the box/Being able to look aheadWorking alone or as a teamMultitaskingPrioritizingTechnology Now, what to do with that. Sometimes, I get the overwhelming urge to write. I just have to write. I have friends that say sometimes, they just have to run. I never feel the need to run, but I understand that urging!

I've learned a lot about myself in the last year, several years really. It's been the last year though that has been so dramatic. I've learned I have a genuine love and acceptance for peop…