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Thankful Jar!

Have you ever heard of a Thankful Jar or Gratitude Goblet? Ok, so I just now made up Gratitude Goblet because I'm mostly dealing with adult children now and it sounds more grown up. Either way, it's the same idea. Take a Mason jar or decorate a coffee can (or one of thos large teddy bear containers from Costco! I think they have animal crackers in them?) and put it somewhere easy to spot. Place a pen or pencil and small pieces of paper next to it. ANY time something really great happens, write it on a piece of paper and add it to the jar!

There are other themes that this time of year brings to mind as well. Prayer jar where you write out your prayer requests and drop them in the jar. At the end of the year you go back through and read them. Are you grateful that prayer didn't come to pass or are you thankful that it did? Did it work out better than what you asked for? You can also throw in blessings throughout the year and read them on Thanksgiving day next year!

A Memory …

Armor of God and me

I've heard of the Armor of God, read about it, marveled at the verses and promptly moved on. I'm such a visual thinker that I took this to be a nice parable. You know, more like directions to praise God in all things and to pray about everything. I begin and end every day with what I'm thankful for and give praise. To me, it's easy as I'm so thankful for everything. My life could really look different today, instead I can see where God stepped in and protected, guided or thumped me as needed.

Today. Today the Armor of God became real. It was so powerful, I feel compelled to write it down. I decided last week that I'm going to blog, even if no one ever reads it, so here is what happened.

I'm enjoying a daily devotion called Whisper: How to hear the voice of God.  I really want to get better at hearing that whisper! This morning I was meditating and asking God to show me what he wanted of me to speak to me in a way that I would understand. I was asking him to…

The Starfish

We've all heard about the guy walking along the beach throwing starfish back into the ocean when along comes a stranger that asks why he is doing it. He replies that each starfish is special and deserves to live. The stranger looks around and sees so many starfish and turns back to the man, with great mockery he says, 'You aren't even making a dent'. To that the kind hearted starfish rescuer replies 'to that one, I made a difference' as he tosses another one back.

'And to that one', and he tosses one more.

I always loved this story. Today however, today it landed on my heart in a whole new way! I'm much more like the naysayer walking down the beach. I can get overwhelmed with the things I can't accomplish. The things I can, I do and move on. The things I can't sit and mock me, much like the stranger did to the man. I'm my own reminder of what I'm not doing. I'm that puppy chasing her tail.

Today though, today I got to be the guy…

Seeds of Doubt

I am not a gardener. When I decided to plant a garden I had to research what plants would grow well in this area and where to buy them. I had a goal of having a beautiful garden, so I put a lot of time into research, digging up and clearing the land and buying the right seeds. Imagine this beautiful space with a bright, white trellace for lush, green snap peas to climb! Then there are the delicious, bright red strawberries dangling just within reach! The lovely stalks of corn with their silky tops reaching to the sky and the potatoes, carrots and zuchini filling the ground. OH!!! I loved my garden! I did as I'd read and went into the garden and watered it and pulled the weeds. I'd done my research, I knew what to do!

My friends and family would come over and we would sit in the sunshine and enjoy the fruits of my labor. They marveled at my lovely garden and ate of the fruits. Then my mom came over. She IS an amazing gardener! She can get anything to grow! Even things that shou…

Boulders or pebbles?

I woke up this morning with this beautiful analogy in my thoughts. I'm a mountain girl. I grew up around Missoula, MT and absolutely love the area. One of my favorite things was to walk in the streams (or brooks/creeks) and look at the pretty rocks. I learned pretty quickly though that the beautiful rocks in the water changed drastically once dry and to just leave them where they were. Plus, my mom didn't much appreciate me having piles of rocks in my room.

Today it came to me that our lives are like a stream. Everything we experience is like the bed of the stream. The boulders in the middle are the big events in our lives. They are obvious and are usually sticking out of the water. They don't really alter the direction of the stream and if they aren't too big, then the water can actually run over them and keep going. Some are much too large for that and the water is divided and forced to go around the barrier, sometimes causing us to get stuck at it and sometimes just…

Is it really ANGER or something else?

After months of helping people move past barriers they didn't even know were there, a surprising finding has occured. Sessions begin wherever the person needs and they are all over the board! Seriously, they are so varied I couldn't even list the top five.

That's not the surprising part. I expected that. As I was guiding someone through a session this week I had a feeling we would get to anger and then a serious shift for her. Sure enough, anger popped up and then a serious shift. That really got me to thinking. As I sit through these sessions and listen to people (which I love!), anger seems to be an umbrella emotion for other things. People feel rejected, abandoned, walked on, dismissed, and belittled. They feel unimportant and unheard. The memories that come forward almost always surprise the person and I hear "wow, I haven't thought of that in years!" As they work through the emotions from beginning to end, it seems that anger (although often the final em…

Who is influenced by you?

You never know who you will be influenced by or who will influence you. My older sister passed away many years ago and I still miss her deeply. I miss her laugh and the amazing way she had to encourage all of those around her. She had such a big personality and an even bigger heart and she loved with so much passion and energy. Although she had about a dozen siblings between her parents multiple marriages, she took the time to keep in touch with all of us and all of our cousins! She would call just to chat and then keep me up to date on everything happening in the family. I admired her greatly. I respected how devoted she was to all of us and how she made it a priority to contact each of us and check in. She was such a positive influence in my life.

I also learn from those that influence me in other ways. There is the person I looked up to and thought I wanted to emulate, until I spent a great deal of time around them. Whew! I learned quickly and deeply to recognize those attributes i…


Sharing AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique) is as much a blessing to me as to those receiving it. Every time. This past week I was able to help two friends that I care deeply for. Seeing the burden lifted from their shoulders and knowing they left with more hope than they walked in with lifted me in ways I can't even put into words. I have no doubt God is using my life experiences, love for teaching and sharing, and sincere desire to help people to touch lives.