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Start Scrapbooking

Photo journaling, scrapbooking, and saving your memories to any media are really all the same thing. For this post, I'm going to call it all scrapbooking. The importance of this is YOUR story! It's not the bling or how fancy it is.

The secret is to document your life, your fun, your story. That's it! I still love albums. I haven't gone digital, they just aren't the same for me. You need to pick which way works best for you and then go for it.

Select the photos for the event you want to start with

If you have a lot of photos (say for a family reunion or a very long vacation) you might want to fill up one album for that event. If you have 10 or so photos then you would just want to do a two page layout 
Pick your album or digital software.
Pick your paper to match your photos/event

For example, if you are going to save your Easter photos and stories you might want to pick Easter related paper. There are some really beautiful papers out there with crosses, lilies, Chris…