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Introduction to Scrapbooking and Photo Care Presentation

I am super excited to start doing crafting classes again. The first one is tomorrow evening. I truly love learning people's stories. I would gladly sit with each one of you and listen and help you journal out the fascinating, painful, beautiful path you've walked.

Journaling is a huge part of saving our stories. The photos are merely the backup. You are welcome to join my FaceBook group and ask questions and learn more or just hang out.

For those that don't know what scrapbooking it, it is the saving of one's photos AND the story behind them. It's really photo journaling. It is not a girly craft. I've seen amazing albums with hunting, fishing and sporting photos. The albums are about the person and their life's experiences. They are not about how many stickers, flowers or types of paper you can use up.

I will be covering many different types of albums and ideas to inspire you to get your story in writing!

As my group has slowed considerably over the last five years with digital scrapbooking becoming so popular, I've decided to move over to Facebook instead. I will do live video twice a month to start and we will start at the beginning.

If there is something you would like to learn, be sure to drop me a note and I'll see what I can do!

Here is a link to the group and the scheduled event: SCRAPBOOKINGCLASSES - INTRO TO SCRAPBOOKING WITH TAMMEY


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